The Invoked Devastation

History of the Invoked Devastation

The Invoked Devastation was the result of a spell developed by Xodast Xuel-Crix, arguably one of the most brilliant minds of the last two millennia. Xodast’s main reference work was an ancient and mysterious tome titled the Codex of the Infinite Planes. Within this tome, Xodast discovered the means to temporarily transpose one plane over another, effectively producing a major planar breach. During this breach, properties of the transposing plane could affect a vast area. Early experiments were conducted within the confines of his laboratories, in the ancient Suel city of Suendrako, with varying, though staggering results.

It was not until he tapped into the Gray Wastes that Xodast discovered the true destructive power of such a planar conjunction. He quickly penned several scrolls describing the process and recorded the entire experiment into his spellbook (now known as Xodast’s Tome of Research). Years later, while pouring over these notes, Xodast developed a wondrous artifact used to enhance the effects of all spells involving extraplanar activity or planar transposition. Fearing the catastrophic implications of using such a device, he quickly secreted the device away within the vaults of the Royal Academy of Magic. He further warned the headmasters that it was not to be used, for it was the “bringer of all doom.” 

Many years passed and Xodast’s work lay all but forgotten until the Suel, forewarned of impending cataclysm, sought out the arcane device. The greatest of all the Suel wizards from each house (listed below) were hastily summoned to the Imperial Council Chamber in the capital city. As the hour grew dim, they finally agreed to remove Xodast’s Tome of Research from the vaults and to activate the bringer of doom. Assembled in the grand Council Chamber, many of the spellcasters used various scrying devices to determine the width and depth of the magical assault they planned. Finally, after much consultation, Xolan began casting the ritual aided by the other eleven wizards. Within minutes, a gout of grey smoke belched from the bringer of doom as the spell struck the Baklunish Empire. 

On the Baklunish plain thick clouds of virulent grey vapor darkened the mid-day, appearing to taint, infect and rot all living matter they touched. As the decaying nature of the Gray Wastes bled into the Baklunish Empire, all life for hundreds of miles was annihilated and structures began to crumble, leaving no trace of habitation. As the two planes bled into one nightmarish realm, thousands of hordlings from the Gray Wastes suddenly found themselves on the Prime Material Plane along with their master, the god Incabulos, whose realm was within the area. Delighted at the invitation to this realm, Incabulos rampaged through the Baklunish capital of Udrukankar, leaving a trail of pestilence and death in his wake. 

As the nightmarish decay and destruction rapidly crumbled their world into dust, not all Bakluni were paralyzed by the unbelievable horror. Assembling at the ancient site of Tovag Baragu, they gathered and prepared their counterstrike.

The Twelve Suel Mages of Power

1. Slerotin, House Zelred
2. Rellimirck, House Rhola
3. Xiomara, House Malhel
4. Maquel, House Zolax
5. Saeryn, House Neheli
6. Itzal, House Cruski
7. Xolan, descendant of Xodast, House Xuel-Crix
8. Ferrelen, House Shnai
9. Jekova, House Fruztii
10. Mareena, House Lerera
11. Gargerenis, House Linth
12. Kevellian, House Maure

New Epic Spell: Invoked Devastation (Ritual)

Conjuration [Destruction]
Spellcraft DC: 52 or with artifact boost 40
Components: V, S, Ritual, XP
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: (See below)
Effect: 1d6 damage per round (60ft. radius), plus hunefer rot or with artifact boost 2d6 damage per round (900 mile radius), plus hunefer rot
Duration: 1 round/ level.
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 468,000gp; 10 days; 18,720 XP
Factors: destruction seed (DC 29), Decay (28 DC), No Spell Resistance (10 DC), 1d6 Damage/ Level (1 DC), Range (Long 400ft. + 40ft. / level) (2 DC), 60ft. radius (2 DC)
Mitigating Factors: burn 2,000 XP (-20 DC)
Factors with artifact boost: destruction seed (DC 29), Decay (
28 DC), No Spell Resistance (10 DC), 2d6 Damage/ Level (2 DC), Extended Duration (20 DC), Unlimited range on current plane (200 DC), 900 mile radius (+200 DC)
Mitigating Factors with artifact boost: eleven additional casters contributing an epic-level spell slot (–209 DC), burn 1,000 XP per caster (-120 DC), Major Artifact contributor (-120 DC).

Casting this spell invokes the decaying nature of the Gray Wastes to transpose over the currently targeted area, in this case boosted by the bringer of doom, a device rumored to intensify spell effects involving planar breaches from one plane to another (as detailed in Manual of the Planes 220).

The spell initiates an incurable decay resembling hunefer rot that, over a matter of minutes, completely destroys anything it touches, whether plant or animal. As the two planes touch, a near-invisible gray mist sweeps through the designated area appearing to taint and decompose all living matter. The mist is merely an effect of the planar contact, however, rather than a cause. Protection from gas (or any other type of physical barrier) has no affect. Any target within the area of this spell when it is cast suffers 1d6 points of damage/round for 1 round per level of the spellcaster. While damage (and decay) occurs over a number of rounds, the initiation of the incurable spell affect is instantaneous, and will continue unabated if the victim is teleported away from the area. If the target is reduced to –10 hit points or less (or a construct, object, or undead is reduced to 0 hit points), or reaches 0 Constitution, it is utterly destroyed as if disintegrated.

Hunefer Rot (Su)

Unlike normal diseases, hunefer rot requires a victim to make a successful Fort saving throw (DC 35) every round or take another 1d6 points of temporary Constitution damage. The rot continues until the victim reaches Constitution 0 (and dies) or receives a remove disease spell or similar magic. An afflicted creature that dies shrivels away into sand unless both remove disease and raise dead (or better) are cast on the remains within 2 rounds.

New Artifact: The Bringer of Doom

This metallic, 6-inch-square, box-shaped device is covered in various sigils and engraved with arcane markings and predates the destruction of the Suel Imperium. In fact, the arcane device actually exists across many more dimensions then can be perceived, its appearance merely its representation within normal 3-dimensional space. Its true shape is neither known nor fathomable by mortal minds. It is the very same artifact that was used in the Invoked Devastation against the Baklunish Empire. The bringer of doom, created by Xodast Xuel-Crix around – 618 CY, was crafted with the aid of another even more ancient and mysterious artifact known as the Codex of the Infinite Planes. Utilizing the arcane knowledge within the Codex, Xodast breached the planar boundaries, allowing for a temporary planar transposition, and from thence the bringer of doom was first utilized.

When activated, the bringer of doom allows its user to enhance the effects of any spell that involves extraplanar activity. If used with the proper rituals, large areas of one plane can temporarily transpose over another, effectively producing a major planar breach. During this breach, properties of the transposing plane can affect a tremendous area.

Xodast’s early experiments were tested within the protective confines of his laboratories. During these conjunctions, denizens of the transposed plane could cross the barrier without gates or portals, effectively existing on both planes at once, though once the spell expires the outsider must choose which plane to stay on (such as in the case of Incabulos and the hordlings released during the Invoked Devastation).

Three centuries later, after Xodast’s untimely demise during a major planar breach, the artifact was removed from the vaults of the Royal Academy of Magic and used in a rare ritual developed by Xodast himself, called the “Invoked Devastation” (which, ironically, became the name for the actual event as well).

While using this artifact, any spells cast that utilize conjuration or evocation are Intensified, Extended, Enlarged, and Widened. The spell’s range extends to Unlimited, as long as the caster can see the target (including scrying) and as long as the target is on the same plane. The spell’s duration is extended by 2 ranks, (instantaneous becomes 1 round/level). The spell’s area of effect also can span up to a 900-mile radius. Spells cast in this fashion require the aid of eleven other spellcasters to empower the artifact. Each spellcaster must submit an epic level spell and burn 1,000 XP.

Overpowering evocation and conjuration; CL 21+; Weight 5 lbs; Reference Monster Manual II (1st-edition) 75, Star Cairns 38

The Invoked Devastation

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