Now a decade past – in disgrace, the All-Father sundered the Ordning, an ancient blood pact holding the monsters at bay… The rains have not subsided since. In the shadows of the Crystalmist Mountains, duchies fall weak of resource and stamina to muster resistance.
Monstrous Humanoids…. GIANTS, many known to be slow of wit, have taken large swaths of the realm, entire duchies and kingdoms. They squabble and plod and make unheard alliances – taking land, while kingdoms only watch and hoard into their own.
But there are other giants. And they remember what the Ordning represented, the strength of clans of allied giant-kin. And they manipulate strings from the very clouds above!
The drench of water, hail, ice, stone and fire rains, a kingdom called GEOFF lies in the eye of the storm.
This is your story.
The year is 586 CY. 
There were giants across Oerth in those days…
And when the sons of man, gnome, elf and dwarf came unto them, you grew small and let them walk. Even now your enemy doth bestride the narrow world…… 
Colossal!  Larger still…
They say you can walk on the shoulders of giants. 
True, but beware where they take you! 

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of itty bitty ones,
Be ye living, or be ye dead,
I’ll grind yer bones ta mix me bread.
Now run little food, under my feets, 
Quell my hunger! Good to eats!
Weak you walk under huge stride, 
You peep and you skulk, nowheres ta hide.
Sons & Daughters, you can't save,
Finding yourselves dishonourable graves.
Against the Giants, Ordning broke!
Even me be king, from ordinary bloke.
Now kneel and serve, bend and bow.
Ask anyone, if ya don't know how.
So, sing wit me brovers!!! Tiny men run!
Fee!  Fie!  Foe!  Fum!

Welcome…… to
The World of 
Oerth, 586 CY.
It is now High Summer…

GREYHAWK - Against the Giants

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