Trask Bronzestone

Jim's PC


Trask Bronzestone of the Bronzestone Clan was the outsider of his Clan favoring the outdoors and adventuring. Coming from the Lortmil Mountain Trask felt a calling from nature unlike his family who were happy as soldiers and craftsman and to stay under the mountains. Also he felt aligned to the God Dumathoin the god of Exploration, instead of Clangeddin Silverbeard the God of War. Being the oldest son and after completing his apprenticeship in Jewelcrafting Trask set off with his Fathers Battleaxe,” Orckutter” hoping to find adventure.

After several years adventuring Trask still felt as if something was missing and that’s when he met his mentor Galen Swiftrunner a ranger from the Western Barrier Peaks. Trask and Galen formed a close bond and Galen taught Trask the ways of the rangers. Galen became a father figure to Trask and
after learning the ways of the ranger Galen gifted Trask with a Master crafted Crossbow named “Seeker” a weapon befitting the Dwarf ranger.

One night Tragedy struck in the year 580 when Galen and Trask were ambushed by an Orc warband and Galen was killed. Since then Trask has had an intense hatred of the vile beasts and has wandered the Flanaess seeking adventure and helping those in need.


Trask Bronzestone

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