diety - THARIZDUN, he who is Chained

Patron of One-Eye - God of Eternal Darkness, Decay, Entropy, Malign Knowledge, Insanity, and Cold. He Who Waits, the Anathema, the Father of Elder Evils, the Author of Wickedness, the Undoer, The Ender...


He is known as the Master of Malevolence, the Darkest, the Ultimate One of Nullity. He is the epitome of evil and he would unite all evil, but he was entrapped by Good Deities eons ago. They enmeshed him in a cocoon of his own power, but he could still act in a limited way. He lies wrapped in ebon slumber, awaiting the joining of the Theorparts. When they are joined, he will be released and the Upper and middle planes will ally against evil. His mind can not be read.

One of his forms is that of a purple cloud. The cloud has dark eyes, emitting an amethyst light. He has a purple, black, lipless mouth with many teeth, tusks, and fangs, that are all very large. He has a hairless black hide, that is full of blemishes. He is left in the Oerth Prime with Lord Entropy, and they battle it out ending in mutual destruction after a few million years.

Child Avatar
appears as a young, naive, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, boy. He is in the Prison of Tharizdun. He is dressed richly, but not uniquely. He knows that he is Tharizdun and believes that he is Emperor to be of all the Multiverse. He considers the Theorpartings to be his. He is gracious to his rescuers. He has spouts of boyish glee. After his rescuers have explored his prison/castle, he challenges them to a game of Planarchess, betting several jewels against the theorpart rings. He was all that the Lords of Light could not bind up by spells millions of years ago. Once he has control, he could harm Lord Entropy by allowing life to have creativity, but this is against his nature.

True form
Entombed under the cold chair in the observatory, he needs to consume his child avatar in order to gain full power. He is six foot, six inches tall, has fair skin, gold hair, is comely, fanged, and has an incredibly deep sonorous voice. He split Courflamme in the original battle into the two component swords. He can not be whole until he consumes the child avatar’s head. He is not an expert with weapons. He escapes his prison with the aid of Entropy and has all the Hells and Hades easily submitting to him. He goes to theAbyss and makes Bulumuz defy him. He eats the demon lord in an amorphous form, transparent so that all can see. He proclaims that another demon is hereby Bulumuz and says that anyone can be replaced. He becomes impatient with Entropy. He can not remember throwing the skull of his Child avatar at Gord. He does not feel whole. He is responsible for the creation of Yeth hounds. He plans on making Yeth hounds with the heads of every malevolent form of life. see also _WG4, The Lost Temple of Tharizdun.


Tharizdun & His Prison

The roadway from the Seven Heavens twists and turns upward after crossing a ridgelike spine whose sides disappear into the misty chasm. The road leads to a delicate looking, fairy-type castle of pearl, ivory, silver, and opal. There are smooth walls and soaring buttresses, thick towers with high turret tops. It must be walked to and is a tough climb. It is cold at the gatehouse as the castle is frozen. There are no gates, and no bridge. The Key can come apart here. The Initiator immediately becomes a quicksilver bridge that seems to hold very little weight. It deposits a silver-hued ring with a perfect diamond. Leda takes the ring. If both the Unbinder and the Awakener are touched, Tharizdun will possess that person and say that the Unbinder will free the place of the ice. It becomes red, heats the ice, melts it, moves along inward, and becomes a growing cylinder. A gold ring set with a jacinth is found in the castle’s entry hall. The Rings are the artifacts after they serve their purpose. They compel those nearby to wear them. Gellor dons the gold ring.

The castle is bright within. It has a great hall, antechambers, cellars, dungeons, galleries, and countless rooms above. It is furnished in an Oerthian style; however it is done all in white or near white with crystal or pale metals. The furnishings will always appear familiar to those who enter. They will be exactly what they would expect, but white. There are many towers. There is a great middle spire, the tallest one. It is gold roofed, has turrets, and reaches two-hundred feet high.

Spiral stair
It has a spiral stair that climbs up to a sky blue door of pure adamantine. The Awakener, when its blunt end is put against the door, will run like molten metal and form hinges and handles. There is a tinkling sound as another ring appears. This one is adamantine with a sapphire. Leda thinks that the rings serve as a protection. Gord loans her his magic dagger.

The door swings inward when unlatched. Tharizdun’s child avatar is here. He proclaims that he is Tharizdun, Emperor To Be of all the Multiverse – when he is full grown. He is most gracious in thanking his rescuers. He thinks that he has been here for a month. He wants to know where Gord got the ring. The room is forty feet across and is a well furnished office. There is a couch, a table, chairs, and a small shelf of well-bound books here, as well as bric-a-brac, candle prickets and magic lamps. The blue adamantine walls are unseamed. There are adamantine crystal windows and adamantine bars. There is fine upholstery, tapestries and rugs. There is a flight of stairs going up. They lead to a dining salon.

Dining salon
It has banners, armor, and ancient weapons as decorations. It is also lined with adamantine with the Glassteeled windows. Tharizdun says that he used to have servants, but not for a long time. He used to have knights and long bearded councilors, then the ugly beasts came and killed or scared his servants and locked him up here. There is a ewer on the long narrow table that pours forth any drink Tharizdun’s child avatar wants. He has a golden bowl that is filled with whatever he wants to eat. Upstairs is his bedchamber.

It is slightly smaller than the dining room. It is also lined in adamantine. There is a royal looking bed, armoire, chest or drawers, shelves, two large chests, several small chests, and toys all over: a wooden sword and shield, toy soldiers. The bed is enchanted to make itself. The clothes are always cleaned. There is a bath drawn for him every morning. If he doesn’t bathe, he won’t be fed. There is a bronze-runged ladder that leads to a trap door above to the observatory.

“From there I can see all the lands around. I don’t like it there, though, for it is boring.” It has a conical roof with Glassteeled adamantine merlions. There is nothing to see but clouds, mountains and the road. There is a cold stone seat. It houses Tharizdun’s material form.Gord could detect it but Gellor and Leda could not, even with spells.

If Tharizdun is losing his Planarchess game, he will cheat. If he is caught cheating, he will throw a tantrum and ask for a price for the theorpart rings. He will hold his breath etc. Gord asks for the power of Ultimate Evil. Tharizdun throws a fit and tells them to leave. They stay. He begins to reveal his demonic nature. His eyes glow with malice. He throws six acid-filled, poisoned tipped darts, and runs up the ladder. Gord, Gellor, and Leda leave the castle, it turns red, then ugly red-violet, and darkens, there is a sound of heavy footsteps.
Tharizdun’s true form comes down and bites his child avatar’s jugular in order to gain full power. He then devourers all but its skull. He comes down to Gord and tells Gellor and Leda to stay and he will deal with them. He throws the head of his boy avatar at Gord. Tharizdun calls into being a large two-headed axe that deflects Gord’s blow. He can’t draw on the nether planes until he leaves the castle. He balances combat to his advantage – when Gord uses Courflamme, he splits the axe into two smaller single headed axes. He is pushed back by Courflamme’s blinding white fire. He can summon from the axes many small disgusting sucker-mouthed purple larvae that are poisonous and thumb-sized. Gord uses the theorpart ring to summon a phoenix who eats the grubs and grows with the help of Gellor and Leda’s rings. Gord melts the adamantine confining Tharizdun to the entrance chamber. Gord strikes Tharizdun and the demon’s face and eyes become more hideous. Tharizdun realizes that Gord will beat him and calls for aid. Lord Entropy responds, bringing all of itself to one part of the wall. It decays and Tharizdun escapes. This is probably the last possible point of divergence from a Greyhawk Campaign which leaves the Flanaess intact. Gellor and Leda go back to the castle to fetch Gord as the place falls apart. They hop from the Empyreal Sphere to the Celestial Sphere to the Sphere of Creative energy to the Astral to the Ethereal to the Realm of Regularity to the Province of Order. They use the Ethereal Plane to escape impeders.

diety - THARIZDUN, he who is Chained

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